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The Jackpot knows no limits

Many people have become millionaires thanks to the SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot. This lottery uses no limits for the Jackpot money, which makes it definitely worth trying. The Jackpot starts with a minimum amount of 1,3 million euros and can be as high as 177,8 million euros. It reached this record of prize money in October 2010 after there was no hit for nine months. Back then the tension and excitement of lottery players reached a peak. Even ‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna, who has an Italian background, commented on it!

Lucky winners
Some players are currently enjoying their SuperEnalotto prize money. Perhaps they’re living a luxurious lifestyle in a nice country, or driving in their newly-purchases cards. One of them is a man from Latvia, who won 578,080 euros in the SuperEnalotto Draw in 2013. Another person even won 74 prizes in total because he had so many matches! A prize worth 479,123 euros was his reward. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to become a VIP-member. In August 2016, a VIP player from Belgium won the incredible amount of 47,578.79 euros. He or she definitely lives like a VIP now.

Guaranteed Jackpot win
The last win of the SuperEnalotto Jackpot took place quite recently, at February 2017. A participant had a ticket with six matching numbers and won an amazing Jackpot of 93,720,843.46 euros! A week later there were no Jackpot winners. This is why the recent draw had a guaranteed Jackpot of 12,7 million euros.

Why Should You Play SuperEnaLotto Online?

SuperEnaLotto is an Italian lotto that continues to set unprecedented records and has become a household name in almost every part of the world. Before we delve deeper into where you can play it or how you can win its jackpot, let’s find out some pros associated with playing SuperEnalotto online. First and foremost, this lotto has an impeccable reputation which dates back to the 1950s when its first draw was held. Secondly, it’s so easy to play as we’ll see later in this review. Thirdly, SuperEna’s ticket prices are favourable compared to other worldwide lotteries which in fact can win you unlimited jackpots that’ll change your life forever.

  • SuperEnaLotto has a good reputation.
  • Playing SuperEnaLotto is very easy.
  • Its low ticket prices makes it an attractive prospect.

¿iquest;Dónde Jugar SuperEnaLotto En Línea?

Hay muchos minoristas en línea que pretenden vender billetes de SuperEnaLotto. Sin embargo, necesitas tener cuidado porque no todos son genuinos. Antes de comprar billetes de Superenalotto, asegúrate de que tu vendedor es de confianza. Multilotto es un sitio web cuya reputación no tiene ninguna imperfección. Puedes pagar por los billetes de lotería en línea usando Visa, Mastercard o una gran cantidad de opciones de pago.

Si ganas en Multilotto, espera una notificación automática a través de un SMS o un correo electrónico. Las ganancias secundarias serán transferidas a tu cuenta una vez que los resultados sean revelados y el dinero del premio nos llegue del operador de lotería autorizado.

¿iquest;Por Qué Deberías Jugar SuperEnaLotto En Línea?

SuperEnaLotto es una lotería italiana que continúa estableciendo récords sin precedentes y se ha convertido en un nombre familiar en casi todas partes del mundo. Antes de que profundicemos en donde puedes jugarla o como puedes ganar su bote, vamos a descubrir algunos pros asociados con el juego de SuperEnaLotto en línea. En primer lugar, esta lotería tiene una reputación impecable que se remonta a los años 50 cuando fue realizado el primer sorteo. En segundo lugar, es tan fácil de jugar como veremos más adelante en esta reseña. En tercer lugar, los precios de los billetes de SuperEna son favorables en comparación con otras loterías mundiales que, de hecho, pueden ganar botes ilimitados que cambiarán tu vida para siempre.

  • SuperEnaLotto tiene una buena reputación.
  • Jugar SuperEnaLotto es muy fácil.
  • El bajo precio de los billetes hace que sea una perspectiva atractiva.

How To Play SuperEnaLotto Online

Playing SuperEnaLotto is pretty easy. As such, you’re only required to pick 6 digits from a pool of 1-90. During draws, the organisers will draw an additional number often referred to as the «jolly number.» This jolly number doesn’t play any role as far as winning the jackpot is concerned but boost wins once you match one alongside 5 main numbers.

If you want to claim the jackpot, you’ll have to match all the 6 digits revealed in the draw. The minimum jackpot at stake is €1,300,000 which rolls over every time no one wins it. In October 2010, it reached an astonishing €177.8 million. SuperEna draws are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • To play, choose 6 digits from a range on 1-90.
  • Match all the 6 numbers to win the jackpot.
  • The minimum jackpot you can win is €1,300,000.
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