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Swiss Lotto FAQ

The Swiss Lotto is a lottery offered in Switzerland. Players have tickets consisting of 6 numbers, plus a bonus number, and a drawing is held in which 6 numbers and the bonus number are drawn. If a ticket issued on that day matches all 6 numbers and the bonus number, that ticket will win the jackpot. There are also a number of prizes for partial matches.

To play the Swiss Lotto, you’ll first need to purchase a ticket. The ticket will consist of 6 numbers from 1 to 42, and a bonus number from 1 to 6. You can win cash prizes depending on how many of the numbers match up.

The Swiss Lotto also offers a Joker subgame, which allows players another chance at additional prizes.

The jackpot prize in the Swiss Lotto is variable, as if no winning ticket is sold for a drawing, the prize pool rolls over and is larger for the next drawing. In addition to the possibility of winning the jackpot, there are a number of other cash prizes for partial matches.

The full prize structure is:

  • Match all 6 Numbers + Bonus Number – Jackpot
  • Match 5 Numbers + Bonus Ball – €800,000* (estimated)
  • Match 5 Numbers – €8,000* (estimated)
  • Match 4 Numbers + Bonus Ball – €800* (estimated)
  • Match 4 Numbers – €80* (estimated)
  • Match 3 Numbers + Bonus Ball – €28* (estimated)
  • Match 3 Numbers – €10* (estimated)

When playing the Joker subgame, the player chooses a six digit number. The aim of the Joker game is to select as many correct last digits as possible from left to right. A player wins a prize depending on how many correct last digits match their Joker number. If the last digits select completely match the Joker number that is drawn, that player wins the jackpot.

You can play up to 3 Joker numbers at one time. Every Joker number costs €1.74.

There is no hard number figure guaranteed for the Swiss Lotto starting jackpot. However, jackpots always begin over the €1,000,000 threshold, with exact values dependent on tickets sales.

If the jackpot rolls over, the jackpot amounts for future drawings will be considerably higher.

The Swiss Lotto will continue to roll over if no jackpot matching ticket is sold. This means the Swiss Lotto jackpots can grow quite large, with jackpots well into the tens of millions happening with some level of frequency in recent years.

The Swiss Lotto is available to Swiss citizens who wish to buy a ticket. It’s necessary to physically buy a ticket within Switzerland to play Swiss Lotto, so you can’t directly order a Swiss Lotto ticket online.

However, a number of third party services exist that will let you play Swiss Lotto. It’s advisable to do some research to make sure the service you use is reputable.

Residents of Switzerland must be 18 years or older to play the Swiss Lotto. People outside Switzerland using third party lotto facilitators must also be 18 years or older.

The Swiss Lotto drawing takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

Ticket sales for Swiss Lotto close at 5:00 pm Central European Time Zone on the day of either the Wednesday or Saturday drawing.

A ticket for the Swiss Lotto is €2.75.

The odds of winning any of the various prizes in the Swiss Lotto are as follows:

  • Matching all 6 Numbers + Bonus Number – 1 in 31,474,716
  • Matching 5 Numbers + Bonus Ball – 1 in 6,294,943
  • Matching 5 Numbers – 1 in 145,716
  • Matching 4 Numbers + Bonus Ball- 1 in 29,143
  • Matching 4 Numbers – 1 in 666
  • Matching 3 Numbers + Bonus Ball – 1 in 220
  • Matching 3 Numbers – 1 in 44

Swiss Lotto prize winners have 26 weeks to claim their prize before the tickets expire. After that point, unclaimed prizes would be rolled back into the prize pool.

The Swiss government taxes Lotto winnings over €1,000. The taxation rate is 35% on prizes above the €1,000 threshold.

Any international players playing Swiss Lotto through third party services should check with their local country’s government, as it’s possible that Swiss Lotto winnings may be subject to double taxation.

The largest jackpot in Swiss Lotto history was a €64,000,000 jackpot, which was won on a drawing held on December 17th, 2016 by a single ticket holder.

Some of the other highest jackpots in Swiss Lotto history are:

  • €45,000,000, won in August of 2014
  • €33,000,000, won in March of 2010
  • €31,000,000, won in November of 2013
  • €29,000,000, won in May of 2013


Az Цtцslottу esetйn 90 szбmbуl 5-цt kell megjelцlni.
Az nyer, aki a kisorsolt lottуszбmok (5 db) kцzьl legalбbb kettхt eltalбlt egy szбmmezхben, йs akkor van telitalбlata (lottу цtцs), ha a megjelцlt mind az цt
szбm egyezik a kisorsolt lottуszбmokkal. Ez a klasszikus lottу, amit mбr 1957 уta
jбtszhatunk ebben a formбban.

Цtцslottу nyerхszбmok
2020. 45. heti (sorsolбs: 2020.11.07.) lottуszбmok:
  • 15
  • 37
  • 65
  • 68
  • 73
Цtцslottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
4 49 1 125 315 Ft
3 3394 17 495 Ft
2 82317 1 880 Ft
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Skandinбv lottу

Az 1999 уta jбtszott Skandinбv lottу jбtйkban 35 szбmbуl 7-et kell megjelцlni. A lottу szбmok kцzьl 7 szбmot gйppel, 7 szбmot kйzzel hъznak ki.
A jбtйkos akkor nyer, ha bбrmelyik — kйzzel, vagy gйppel — kisorsolt 7 lottуszбmbуl mezхnkйnt legalбbb 4 talбlata van. Akбr mindkйt sorsolбson lehet

Skandinбv lottу szбmok
2020. 46. heti (sorsolбs: 2020.11.11.) lottуszбmok:
Gйpi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 20
  • 22
  • 26
  • 27
  • 29
  • 30
  • 33
Kйzi sorsolбsъ lottуszбmok:
  • 3
  • 6
  • 13
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • 25
Skandinбv lottу nyeremйnyek
Db Nyeremйny
6 73 242 460 Ft
5 2664 6 645 Ft
4 41881 1 575 Ft
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