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Top 7 best lotteries in russia with good prizes - rating of lottery tickets 2020

Powerball lottery game (Powerball)

This lottery is very similar to the previous game, since it has the numbers of the main combination and the additional. In the main combination, choose 5 numbers from 69, and in the additional - 1 of 26.

The probability of becoming the owner of the main prize is very low - 1:292 201 338. The chance of getting any other win is 1:25.

IN 2016 year, one of the draws brought three lottery participants a prize in 1,56 USD billion.

Prizes, the amount of which exceeds 600 dollars, the player can pick up exclusively at the headquarters of the lottery game. If you bought your ticket online, then a representative of the intermediary will do this and simply transfer the won amount to you in full.

The main thing is to choose a reliable intermediary, otherwise there is a chance of not seeing your prize.

The lucky winner can get the main prize in two ways:

  • lump sum payment;
  • annuity (payment in installments over time).

Small prizes are waiting for their owners for 12 months. After this period, they are transferred into the possession of charitable organizations..

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